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 When should I schedule my senior photography session?

We schedule senior sessions throughout the entire year, depending on which season you prefer! I highly suggest scheduling your senior session sooner rather than later (spring/summer before your senior year) to make sure you have all your images ready if you’re buying a yearbook ad & you can enjoy your images throughout the year.

What should I wear?

Once you book, we will talk in depth about your outfits & you will receive a “what to wear” guide (ie do’s & do not’s of what to wear!). Depending on which type of session you book, I’d aim for 2-3 outfits. One casual, one nicer/dressier, & maybe one that represents your activities/graduation (ie cheerleading outfit, graduation gown). You can also check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration for outfits!

What time is best for our photo shoot?

The best times to shoot outdoors are an hour or two after sunrise or before sunset. Photographers call those hours the “golden hours” during the day-there’s this magical 15 minute window of time where the sun glows just perfectly & makes everything look gorgeous, getting that sun flare that everyone loves! We’ll talk together during our pre-session consultation & determine the best time of the day to shoot depending on your location. Most senior sessions are shot Monday-Friday, however, there are a limited number of weekend sessions available each month.

Where are the possible locations we can go?

I am a natural light senior photographer, meaning that I primarily work outdoors in nature, utilizing primarily, well, natural light! There are many great locations around the DFW area, all depending on your personality & the theme/mood you’re looking for during your senior photography session. We’ll talk plenty & you’ll have tons of suggestions from me on where we can go. If you have a place in mind, please suggest that as well; I love shooting in new locations! Typical locations may be a park, lake, downtown (quant old town or Fort Worth/Dallas), or an open field. There are plenty of indoor options as well! Available locations also depend on the time of the year as well as location fees (indoor areas & some outdoor locations may have a small fee to shoot there). Feel free to check out our location types blog post as well as view our Pinterest board with location ideas!

How do I personalize my senior photography session?

I refuse to shoot the typical boring studio pictures where you’re resting against a large block number representing your graduating year! I make sure that your senior photography session will not be cheesy, but instead, subtly highlights your interests & personality. We’ll talk & plan out any props/locations prior to your session, but I’ve seen seniors bring in props such as their sports uniform/equipment, their family pet, favorite outfit, etc.

Who should come to the in-home design & ordering consultation?

You will want anyone who will be placing an order or making purchasing decisions at your design & ordering consultation. Our only print collection is available during this time; it is a Create Your Own Collection, which allows you to purchase your artwork for a 20% savings. So if your grandparents or other family members need to be there to actually place their order, then be sure the date & time you select for your design & ordering consultation works for them. However, do try & keep the total number of people at the consultation relatively small as it does make it more difficult to make decisions!

Will I receive any digital files from my senior session?

Yes, you will receive all edited, high resolution digital images after your design & ordering consultation. You can expect approximately 35 digital images, available via download from Dropbox. You will have a print release for you to make your own prints, as well as images that are web-ready for you to share online.

What can I expect to invest in total on my senior session & artwork?

The session fee for each of our senior sessions covers our time & costs during the pre-session style consultation, your actual senior session, your in-home design & ordering consultation, & your professional hair/makeup. Please note that session fees are non-refundable & do not include any prints, digital files, or any other artwork.  All of our artwork, including prints, are priced à la carte to give our clients the freedom to choose what they want. We do offer a Create Your Own Collection that is only available during your design & ordering consultation for a 20% savings off our à la carte pricing. Most of our clients choose to spend between $1000-$2000 on their custom EAP senior experience.